Photo of Vegetables

25 Foods You Should Be Eating with Hypothyroidism

While there is no cure for hypothyroidism, specific foods help improve the function. Here are 25 foods you should be eating to aid hypothyroidism. Disclaimer: The information in this content is for general informational purposes only, not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle.

conditions that can develop as you get older

40 Conditions That Can Develop as You Get Older

Getting older is tough, and the medical problems that come with it are even tougher. Here are the conditions to look out for. Disclaimer: The information in this content is for general informational purposes only, not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle.

best foods for an upset stomach

30 Best Foods For An Upset Stomach

Want to know what you should eat to ease an upset stomach? Choosing the right foods can help ease your symptoms. Here are 30 foods to stock up on now.

hawaii and california

This is How Much Income It Takes to Be Middle Class in Every State

Some states ranked pretty high while others didn't do too great.We've used information from several sources, including Sperling, U.S. Census, Business Insider, SmartAsset, GOBanking Rates, and Zillow.

Donald trump standing at a podium

5 Surprising Ways Donald Trump Makes Money

Recently-fired reality star and Republican candidate Donald Trump claims he’s worth over $10 billion. Where does his money come from?

A man finishing an e-commerce transaction on a tablet to demonstrate how e-commerce impacts our lives.

The Impact of E-commerce on Your Life

Have you ever thought about how e-commerce has become an integral part of your life? E-commerce has gone past the traditional process of selling products and now includes everything from shopping to online banking.

Shark Tank

The Smartest Business Lessons From Shark Tank

Here are the 15 smartest lessons we learned from watching Shark Tank. 

Colonel Sanders and Oprah Winfrey

20 Stars Who Got Fired Before They Made it Big

From Steve Jobs to Elvis Presley, countless big names experienced multiple failures before living the high life.

person at work

The Great Resignation: Stories Behind the Reasons People Quit Their Job

The Society for Human Resource Management stated that 4.2 million people quit their jobs by November 2021. That's the highest number of people we've seen in over a decade, and the number is only increasing. Many people are closely examining why—but they don't have to look very far. Reddit has become one of the main platforms for people to voice their frustrations with their workplace, and many are outlining their awful working conditions.

cheapest countries for Americans to live

30 Cheapest Countries for Americans to Live

Here's a list of the cheapest countries for Americans to move to, according to information from The list is based on local purchasing power and the price of rent, groceries, and goods and services. 

roads and bridges in the future

What Major Roads and Bridges Could Look Like in the Future

What will our roads and bridges look like in the future? From futuristic cityscapes to architectural wonders across the globe, here’s what our future holds according to AI…

the most popular product from each state

The Most Popular Product from Each State

Every state has its own little treasure chest of goodies waiting to be discovered! Buckle up, because you're about to discover the most popular product from every state. The U.S. really is a melting pot!

the golden age of drive in movies

The Golden Age of Drive-In Theaters: A Nostalgic Look Back

For a while, the drive-in movie experience was a great American pastime and, for many outside of America, too. Becoming an iconic piece of pop culture, the concept of the drive-in theater has lived on, and there has even been a renewed interest in these kinds of theaters since the pandemic. While some drive-in theaters have managed to survive over the years, there’s no denying that the heyday of the drive-in theater has long passed. Journey with us as we take a nostalgic look back at the Golden Age of drive-in theaters!

Secrets from Behind the Scenes of '1883'

From glaring inaccuracies to actors who hate their cowboy hats, we're breaking down all the things about 1883 that you didn't see on the TV screen. 

Meet the Wives of Your Favorite NFL Players

Meet the Wives of Your Favorite NFL Players

You know all the stats about your favorite NFL players, but beside every great athlete is typically a beautiful woman, and maybe a few kiddos.

Theater girl learns about her fate

What Does Your College Major Say About You?

Astrology may be a hoax when it comes to telling you about your personality and your future, but a better indicator is your college major. Here are 10 popular college majors and what they say about you.

Young student harasses her parents for money for good grades

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Pay Your Child for Good Grades

Paying children for good grades is a controversial topic that has been debated by many recently, and it’s hard to know which side to choose. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t pay your children for good grades.


Best Colleges in America, Ranked

Picking the right college is a tough choice, but we suggest aiming for the stars!

a small yellow vanguard sebring citicar

The Weirdest-Looking Cars of All Time

Do car manufacturers just compete to create the most out-of-this-world vehicle they can imagine?

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany Streets

15 Places Where Cars Aren't Allowed

Explore global locales where cars are not allowed, sustainable urban planning and historic preservation.

reasons not to buy toyota

30+ Reasons Not to Buy a Toyota

From limited electric vehicle options and conservative designs to potential drawbacks in performance, technology, and luxury features, Toyota may not be the ideal choice for every buyer. Here, we'll explore 20 reasons why you might want to consider other brands before making a final decision on a Toyota. Let's dive in and examine the reasons why a Toyota might not be the right fit for you!